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Fountain Pen - Student

Fountain Pen - Student

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This Kaweco fountain pen blends vintage charm with a modern twist, featuring golden decorative elements, a resin body, cap, and a plated metal front section. You can use standard-size cartridges with this model, but for a more personalized touch, fill it with bottled ink using the recommended Kaweco piston converter. We adore the vintage aesthetic, and you get to choose between the lively orange/crème (Student 70s Soul) or the sophisticated solid brown/crème (Student 20s Jazz). The box is included, making it a must-have for anyone who appreciates the allure of vintage styles.

Product Details

  • resin body
  • standard cartridge
  • length capped: 130 mm
  • total length posted (including nib): 160 mm
  • piston converter not included
  • pretty pen case included
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  • The Pen Addict

    "The materials used on the pen are incredibly high-quality. The gold accents shine nicely and the large clip matches perfectly to the wide cap. The metal section is smooth but has a contoured shape that makes gripping the pen comfortable. The body and cap are made of a high-quality thick acrylic."

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  • The Well-Appointed Desk

    "Overall, the Student is a good upgrade to the compact Sport/Classic/Ice/Liliput models. While I love how compact the smaller model Kawecos are and the lower price for such great quality, the larger Student model is a beautiful looking pen that looks and feels more luxurious."

    Read the full review at The Well-Appointed Desk 
  • United Inkdom

    "If you’re buying a present for someone who still owns some Fleetwood Mac on vinyl, or a hipster who is under the impression that a classic MGB is a viable means of transport, this is a winner. Unlike the old turntables and wheezing sports cars, it actually works rather well, too!"

    Read the full review at United Inkdom 
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