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Fudenosuke Twin Tip Pen (Black & Grey)

Fudenosuke Twin Tip Pen (Black & Grey)

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The Tombow Fudenosuke Twin Tip pen is a versatile pen with a fine and brush tip. Depending on the pressure exerted on the tip, the pen produces a range of variable line widths and styles. The pen's water-resistant and archival-quality ink comes in two colours; black and grey. The ink dries quickly and is great for bullet journals, art projects, and more. The Twin Tip pen's lightweight and comfortable design make it easy to use for extended periods, and its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance.

Product details

  • Dual-tip design (black and grey)
  • Variable line widths
  • Waterbased and odourless ink
  • Comfortable design
  • Durable construction


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  • Nattosoup

    "The Fudenosuke ended up surprising me regarding it's performance. Both fude nibs were responsive and flexible, the Fudenosuke is a fun pen to ink with. The gray is a great shade- not too light, but not so dark that it visually competes with the black."

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  • The Well-Appointed Desk

    "The gray/black double-sided Tombow Fudenosuke is a handy, compact tool that now has a permanent place in my sketch kit. I would like it even better if the gray side were wider, but its waterproof inks make it more versatile, so it gets big bonus points for that."

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  • No Pen Intended

    "Though a little dark, the gray is perfect for rough sketching and shading, and the black is sufficiently dark for inking and borders. There is a little give in the brush tips, but not so much as to be unruly or unwieldy for a brush pen novice."

    Read the full review at No Pen Intended 
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