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Markers Set PC 1M Basic - Acrylic Markers (Pack of 8 pens)

Markers Set PC 1M Basic - Acrylic Markers (Pack of 8 pens)

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Uni POSCA, a favored choice among graffiti artists since the '80s, isn't just for canvas and sketching—it's your go-to pen for adding flair to anything, from dark surfaces to caps, shoes, furniture, and more. Its vibrant colours cover all materials with ease, making it a versatile tool for creative expression.
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  • Yolandie Horak

    "Overall, I’m seriously impressed with these pens, and will definitely buy additional colours and maybe even different sizes of pens to grow my collection. I love the opacity of the colours, and can see loads of future art-making using these."

    Read the full review at Yolandie Horak 
  • The Well-Appointed Desk

    "Posca markers are a lot of fun, and their brilliant opacity makes them ideal to use with black and brightly colored papers. Major bonus points for being stink-free!"

    Read the full review at The Well-Appointed Desk 
  • Hop-A-Long Studio

    "Posca paint markers and pens are the only paint pen that I can honestly recommend. They are easy to use, do not leak or drip and are easy to get the paint flowing. They come in a variety of tips and sizes which are useful for painting in large areas or creating details on your creative projects."

    Read the full review at Hop-A-Long Studio 
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