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Royal Talens - Ecoline

Watercolour Brush Pen set - 15 colours

Watercolour Brush Pen set - 15 colours

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These watercolor brush markers boast an incredibly flexible tip, ideal for creating broad strokes. Available in a palette of 15 vibrant colors, they adhere well to watercolor paper, drawing paper, and cardboard. Perfect for enhancing artistic prints, product designs, and illustrations.


Black - Cold Grey - Warm Grey - Sepia - Deep Green - Light Green - Turquoise Blue - Ultramarine Deep - Blue Violet - Reddish Brown - Red Violet - Scarlet - Carmine - Light Orange - Lemon Yellow (Primary)

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  • Doodlewash

    "Overall, Royal Talens Ecoline Watercolor Brush Pens are a fun way to use a watercolor medium. Less messy and easier to carry than pans or tubes and they can be used without water if you wish. The colors are brilliant and neither lighten or darken when they dry."

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  • Calligraphy Gems

    "Ecoline brush pens are a unique brush pen, most suitable for intermediate calligraphers. Their chunky size makes them more challenging to use but they are lovely and inky and in general, a pleasure to use."

    Read the full review at Calligraphy Gems 
  • Parka Blogs

    "These are great brush-pens to work with - the colors are vibrant and ink flow is consistently smooth and above all, this set is very affordable! The inks are dye based so don't expect the colours to be lightfast."

    Read the full review at Parka Blogs 
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